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About Us

Spinning Wardrobe is an online second hand designer clothes store bringing you a hand-picked selection of pre-owned designer and high-end label clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. We can also sell your second hand designer clothes for you!


What is a designer ‘dress agency’ or ‘consignment’ store?

A consignment store  specialises in selling pre-loved and unwanted fashion brands and designer labels. Items are passed to the store to be  re-sold on behalf of the person wanting to sell their unwanted items. It’s a great way to make some wardrobe space, potential to earn some money and of course re-cycling clothes is greener to the environment!!

It’s also a great service if you don’t have all the time you need to sell your unwanted items yourself!  Each item being sold by the consignment store is usually subject to an approval process and a commission rate based on the re-sale price of an item. See our ‘Sell items’ link below for full details on how we can help sell your unwanted second hand designer clothes, shoes bags and accessories today!!

Click link to Sell your unwanted items


My Background

second hand designer clothes

After several years working in ‘buzzy’ fashion buying head offices in London, captivated by creative surroundings, I learnt first hand the steps to create glossy new fashion garments. I started researching the ever-evolving fashion trends and buying patterns. I would see the numerous processes that took place, from a design concept to the arrival of a new garment in to a store, waiting to strike a cord with a customer who for one reason or another would lighten their purse and buy that new garment. Ultimately the fate of their desired purchase would end up being an addition to the collection in a wardrobe, waiting to be worn and adored.

I had 3 wardrobes full of clothes. I had a lot of clothes, shoes and bags that had momentarily struck a cord in me. A flat move and a very light purse later, I realised storing all these clothes that weren’t always worn or adored was sacrilege. I decided to seriously change the way I shop, I didn’t have time to sell the clothes myself, and I wanted more than the 50p per item I would be offered at a car boot sale.

I found out about consignment stores and sold half of my un-loved wardrobe collection. It felt amazing, and I developed a love of all things consignment! I would buy and sell through consignment stores and get a thrill out of purchasing my favourite label items that would be a nice cut of their original price.

A little time later I felt I had my own perfect solution. I was ready to mix my fashion career knowledge and love for second hand designer clothes shopping and so I created Spinning Wardrobe!

Now you can sit back, relax and have a click through our delectable selection of wardrobe must- haves, second hand designer clothes and high-end fashion labels selling online today at Spinning Wardrobe…. (without causing your purse a visit to A&E!)

Happy Shopping!!

Felicity Pickersgill, Founder