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Why Buy at Spinning Wardrobe?

Spinning Wardrobe is an online second hand designer clothes store bringing you a hand-picked selection of pre-owned designer and high-end label clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Everything we sell is especially hand picked for our customers ensuring we have a discerning selection of second hand designer clothes and  up to date desirable high-end  fashion labels for our customers. Now you can sit back, relax and have a click through our delectable selection of wardrobe must- haves…. (without causing your purse a visit to A&E!)

How do I purchase an item from Spinning Wardrobe?

You can purchase an item directly from our website or via our eBay shop. You will need an eBay account to pay via our eBay shop.

How do I know items are genuine?

At Spinning Wardrobe we carefully quality control and check the authenticity of every item we sell. As we sell second hand designer clothes and fashion labels we carefully monitor each item we receive very carefully. We have  an agreed contract of authenticity between Spinning Wardrobe and the seller where various checks are made. If you are not satisfied with the authenticity of an item we will give you 100% of your money back. Most of our items are pre –owned and we will always detail any relevant item information in our listings. Should you receive an item that you feel is not as described please contact us immediately and we will try to resolve the matter for you.

What Payment do we accept?

You can pay online via debit or credit card by either of the below secure and reliable payment methods:

-Pay via CardSave’s Secure Server (All international payments must be made in UK sterling)
JCB, Maestro, Maestro(UK), Mastercard, Mastercard Debit, Visa, Visa Debit(UK), Visa Electron.

-PayPal (All international payments must be made in UK sterling, please note we can only ship to primary postal address as listed in PayPal account and not another address, ie work address, friend’s address etc)

Can I try before I buy?

Unfortunately as we are an online store  this is not currently  possible. However we would be happy to respond to any questions you may have. Please contact us for more information.

Can I make an Offer on an item I like?

In some cases you may be able to submit a reasonable offer for an item. Please see items with ‘make an offer’ on item listing. Please note offers need to be checked so it may take a little time to get back to you. Unfortunately we cannot remove the item from the market whilst an offer is being checked.

Do you accept Refunds?

Yes we do, please see our ‘Returns and Delivery’ page for more information.

How do you ship items in the UK?

Please see our ‘Returns and Delivery’ page for more information.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, please see our ‘Returns and Delivery’ page for more information.

How will you pack my order?

We will always pack items in suitable and protective packaging material. We sometimes use boxes and bubble wrap for more fragile items. We will label your order with the information you provide us with so please ensure this information is accurate.

Do you use shipment tracking?

For some items tracking, or limited tracking is available. Please see our ‘Returns and Delivery’ page for more information.

I can’t find the answer to my buying question?

Please go to the Contact Us page to ask us any queries you may have. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Why Sell with Spinning Wardrobe?

Spinning Wardrobe is an online second hand designer clothes store selling a discerning selection of pre-owned designer and high-end label clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. We can help sell your second hand designer clothes and  pre-owned  fashion labels so you can avoid the time consuming hassle of trying to sell them yourself… whether it’s a stunning dress that’s been tucked away in your wardrobe, or a fab pair of heels that were worn once to a party, contact us today! We are more flexible in our product choices than most as we understand a modern wardrobe can be a mixture of labels, our product choices reflect this. Our consignment service is designed to be quick and easy, just follow our 5 simple steps on our ‘Sell Items’ page and we will take care of the rest for you!

What is a Consignment Store?

A consignment store  specialises in selling pre-loved and unwanted fashion brands and second hand designer clothes and accessories etc. Items are passed to the store to be  re-sold on behalf of the person wanting to sell their unwanted items. It’s a great way to make some wardrobe space, potential to earn some money and of course re-cycling clothes is greener to the environment!! It’s also a great service if you don’t have all the time you need to sell your unwanted items yourself!  Each item being sold by the consignment store is usually subject to an approval process and a commission rate based on the re-sale price of an item. See our ‘Sell items’ page for full details on how we can help sell your unwanted clothes today!

How do I sell items through Spinning Wardrobe?

You can go to our ‘Sell’ Page and follow our 5 simple steps to start selling your unwanted items. Please note to be able to consign with us you must have a valid UK payment address and valid UK bank account. You will need to complete our Sellers application form and we will get back to you and let you know which items have been approved. We will quote you a realistic market re-sale price for each approved item. We will then contact you via email to follow up your approved items list to arrange collection, or let you know how to send your items to us. You will also need to send us your signed contract with your items.

How do you price an item?

We price each item individually based on age, original price paid, current market value of same or similar item, condition of item and desirability. We will always quote you a realistic re-sale price based on all of the above factors. We always aim to achieve a price that will allow the best opportunity for your item to sell and at the best price. If you have a minimum price you would like to set for your item please let us know by adding this information to your seller’s application form. We will also check to see if you would be happy to accept offers from potential buyers.

What is Spinning Wardrobe’s commission rate?

For a limited time we charge a 40% commission on your 1st batch of pre-loved items you consign with us (this means you will keep 60% of the re-sale price we quote to you)

Please note any item that is sold with us is subject to our returns policy period. The re-sale price is the price we confirm back to you when we are confirming what we would like to sell.

example …

If a dress is sold that has a re-sale price of £100 quoted to you, you would receive £60!

(Please note the re-sale price is excluding any shipping & insurance costs which is added to the re-sale price we quote you. This is typically £4-£6. This is to cover postage, packaging, insurance and shipping costs depending on the value of the item, i.e advertised retail price may appear as £104  when £4 shipping & insurance costs are added to re-sale price of £100)

*Commission rate is usually 50% of re-sale price for items priced below £100, and 40% for items above £100.

Our commission rate in negotiable for items with a re-sale price of £800 and above.

What items do we accept?

We accept seasonal pre-owned designer and high-end label clothes, shoes, bags and accessories excluding swimwear, leggings, body’s and underwear. Please note we rarely accept trousers. Please see our fashion labels page to find out more information on the labels we like to sell (although this list is not exhaustive and we are always happy to look at other designer and high-end labels!)

Please note all items we receive should be already clean or dry-cleaned.

Please check your items thoroughly for damage, stains, pulled threads, missing buttons etc, or considerable signs of wear. We accept gently used items in good condition. Unfortunately we cannot accept damaged or heavily worn/used items. Please contact us if you have any queries or want more information about what we will accept.

Authenticity of items we sell?

We carefully quality control and check the authenticity of every item we sell. No suspected fakes will ever be sold on our site.

How do we collect your approved consignment items list?

If you have a batch of 4 or more approved consignment items and  you have a UK address, we can collect your items by:

– A pre-paid courier collection  (mon- fri- up to a value of £250 per package, you will need a printer to print labels and to pack items correctly)

– Alternatively you can send via Royal Mail and  your Royal Mail postage charge will be refunded to you (refund will be with your consignment payment at the end of your item selling period, you will need to retain your postage receipt. This will be up to a £15 maximum amount in Royal Mail charges).

We will confirm the above details when we send you our follow up email.

We are happy to take one-off items you may have, but unfortunately we cannot pay for the transit of 3 or less approved items, these will need to be sent to us and paid for by you. If you live in London and would prefer to meet us we may be able to arrange an appointment to meet you to collect your items if you have a lot of items. Please contact us and let us know.

We require a signed contract to be put inside your package with your items or handed to us.

Why do I need to sign a contract?

The short contract will be emailed to you to read and sign once you have received a follow up email from us. The contract includes a list of the confirmed and agreed items we will be selling on your behalf. We need this contract in order for us to re-sell your items safely. If you have forgotten to put your contract in your package or have any queries about the contract please contact us as soon as possible.

Can I donate my 50% commission on the money I make to charity?

We are currently working on this so soon you will be able to. If you would like to do this we will pass any owed payment to you as usual and suggest you donate to a charity of your choice.

Why use eBay?

We find having 2 autonomous market places to advertise your item gives your items more exposure to a heightened and global market place, giving your items the best possible opportunity to sell. If we advertise your items on eBay we usually have a process where items will be on our website for the first 2 weeks and then further advertised on eBay for the remaining selling period. If we advertise your items on eBay no additional eBay or PayPal fees will be passed on to you.

How long do we sell your items for?

The selling period on our website is 10 weeks from the date the item first goes live on the website. We will contact you after this period to advise you on your items and arrange any payments due to you.

What happens if I have unsold items?

In the event you have any unsold items we may offer some alternative advice after the 10 week selling period. Any items that do not sell can be returned to you (there will be a postage or courier charge) or alternately we can arrange items to be re-cycled or donated to charity.

When do I receive payment for items which have sold successfully?

After the 10 week selling period we will contact you to advise which items have successfully sold and to arrange payment to you via a UK bank account transfer or by cheque. Please note this is subject to our 14 days standard returns period. The customer return’s period is 14 days from the day after goods are received, there may be a lapsed payment if an item is still in the return period time frame. Any additional payment due to you once the return period has passed will be followed up and paid accordingly. We will pay any applicable Royal Mail postage charges (up to £15) together with your consignment payment. Please remember to keep your postage receipt safe.

If we have contacted you after the 10 week selling period and you have agreed to continue to advertise your item (within the agreed extended time frame)  any additional payments due will be followed up and paid accordingly once the return period has passed.

I can’t find the answer to my selling question?

Please go to the Contact Us page to ask us any queries you may have. We will get back to you as soon as possible to you.

For full information please also see our T&C’s page Terms and Conditions