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Sell Clothes, Shoes, Bags and Accessories!

How to sell your unwanted items today…

Fab, so you’re thinking about selling some unwanted  wardrobe items, very sensible…there’s no need to spend lots of time and energy trying to sell unwanted clothes yourself, we can professionally take care of your wardrobe misfits for you!

For a limited time Only…

We charge only a 40% commission on your 1st batch of pre-loved items you consign with us…this means you will keep 60% of the re-sale price we quote to you!!


sell  clothes So …here’s a few simple steps on how we can take care of this for you so you can put the money towards your next fashion fix!…

*Please note to be able to sell unwanted clothes with us you must have a valid UK payment address and valid UK bank account.


Step 1

We love…

Have a look at our favourite ‘fashion labels’ page. We love designer and high-end high street labels. If you love them too then you may have unwanted clothes, shoes, bags and accessories in your wardrobe which we could sell for you! We generally take seasonal items and from the UK only.

Click link to Fashion Labels

sell clothes

Step 2

Time for a Tidy…

Sort though your wardrobe… So this might not be the fun part… but think about the rewards, more space, potential to earn some money, greener to the environment, you can even give your proceeds to charity if you wish …after all if you’re not wearing it any more what good is that lbd or those killer heels doing sitting un-loved in your wardrobe? Keep following our simple steps to sell clothes,shoes,bags and accessories right now!

sell clothes

Step 3

Check and Clean…

Once you have sorted out your items you  would like to sell, check each item carefully for damage, stains, pulled threads, missing buttons etc, or considerable signs of wear. We accept new, like new and gently used items in good condition. Unfortunately we cannot accept damaged or heavily worn items. All items must be clean or dry cleaned before being handed over to us. Contact us if you have any queries or want more information on what we will accept.

*Please note we carefully quality control and check the authenticity of every item we sell. No suspected fakes will ever be sold on our site.

sell clothes

Step 4

Snap and Upload…

To sell clothes, shoes,bags and accessories, simply complete our easy to use consignment approval form:

Click link to Sellers Application Form

Just take a photo of each item you would like to sell and fill in a couple of details. If you have any additional comments on your item, i.e a minimum re-sale price you are happy to accept, please provide this information in the comment box. Use this box to also detail any necessary item condition information.

We will get back to you within 3 working days with a realistic market re-sale price and confirm what we would like to sell. Occasionally we may ask a couple of more specific questions about an item.

You will keep a competitive 40% of the re-sale price we quote you on your 1st consignment batch with us. When the item has successfully sold (subject to our returns policy period). The re-sale price is the price we confirm back to you when we are confirming what we would like to sell.

example …

If a dress is sold that has a re-sale price of £100 quoted to you, you would receive £60!
(Please note re-sale price is excluding any additional shipping & insurance costs)

*Commission rate is usually 50% of re-sale price for items priced below £100, and 40% for items above £100.

For more information click our FAQs
What is Spinning Wardrobe’s commission rate?

sell clothes

Step 5

Can I get ‘Free Collection’ or ‘Free Postage’?!

We can arrange to collect your items via courier for free or refund you on your Royal Mail postage costs (*subject to a minimum of 4 approved items or more).

If you live in London and would prefer to meet us, we may be able to arrange an appointment to meet you and collect your items if you have a lot of items you wish to sell.

We will also require a signed contract to be put in with your package or handed to us. The short contract will be emailed to you to read and sign with your confirmed approved consignment list … We will take care of everything else!!!!

For more information click our FAQs
How do we collect your approved consignment items?


What happens next?

Once we receive your consignment approval list we will send you a follow up email. Please add contact@spinningwardrobe.com  to your email contacts so our email does not go straight to your junk mail and be missed!

When we receive your items we will complete our authenticity and final checks. We then beautifully display your items and put them on our website, giving them back their glory. This process usually takes up to 1 week from receiving your items. We deal with all customer correspondence regarding your items and may advertise your item through our blog, social media and via our integrated eBay store.

We find having 2 autonomous market places to advertise your item gives your items more exposure to a heightened and global market place, giving your items the best possible opportunity to sell.

For more information click our FAQs
Why use eBay?

The selling period on our website is 10 weeks from the date the item first goes live on the website. We will contact you after this period to advise you on whether your items have successfully sold. We may offer some alternative advice if your items have not sold.

Any items that do not sell can be returned to you if you wish, re-cycled or donated to charity.

For more information click our FAQs
What happens if I have unsold items?



After the 10 week selling period we will contact you to advise which items have successfully sold and to arrange payment to you via a bank account transfer or by cheque if you would prefer. Please note this is subject to our 14 days standard returns period.

For more information click our FAQs
When do I receive payment for items which have sold successfully?